Mudville Gazette

"Saint George for Merry Fiji!"

The Mudville Gazette reports that, when every nation of old Europe had failed, Fiji boldly steps forth:

The United Nations says Fiji's government has become the first to agree to provide troops [to secure the UN efforts]... Wednesday UN spokeswoman Maria Okabe announced that 130 Fijians would provide security details for senior UN officials and a guard unit to protect UN facilities in Baghdad. "These contributions are critical to the UN's efforts to strengthen the security arrangements for its personnel in Iraq," she said, quoted by the Associated Press news agency. "This would make it possible for the United Nations to consider expanding its activities in Iraq as circumstances permit."
It's worth asking why Fiji has the kind of moral and physical courage lacking in so many. Greyhawk provides the answer by posting the flag of Fiji. In the upper hoist quadrant, there is a Union jack; in the field, a Cross of St. George.

Fiji's part of the Anglosphere.

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