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Democratic Realignment:

Zell Miller is out winning votes for Bush in PA. Not, mind you, firing up Republicans to vote for Bush: convincing Democrats to vote for Bush.

Westmoreland is a county heavily dominated by Democrats in municipal offices, as well. Its board of commissioners has a Democratic majority; its state House delegation is overwhelmingly Democratic....

Belying its registration statistics and political character at the local level, Westmoreland County over the last 15 years has become an increasingly reliable source of votes for Republican candidates. And reliance on that trend was one of the foundations of an aggressive GOP-controlled redistricting plan that dramatically reshaped the state's congressional map two years ago.

What this reflects is a drift of socially conservative voters away from the Democratic Party that presents a key challenge to Kerry and other Democratic candidates....

The issues of abortion and gun control are repeatedly cited by Republican and Democrats as among the keys to the GOP inroads in counties like Westmoreland across the western half of Pennsylvania.
Whatever the outcome of this race, there is going to be a realignment of traditional Democrats. Many, of course, will go Republican. But it may be that others of us will split the party. I think a Jacksonian Democratic party would be able to look toward 2008 with pleasure. Although it would lose most of the left wing of the current Democratic party, it could capture the center-right of the Republican party. I see no reason such a party shouldn't be the leading force in American politics.

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