Feeling confused, might confirm prior positions, idk

Trying to remember what collusion looks like.  Wait, are we still using that word?


Texan99 said...

Amazing NYT article: http://archive.is/tklfF (no paywall). It's as if someone gave the order it was OK now to start an actual investigation.

Grim said...

Slightly off topic, but the meme you're referencing in the title is by far my least favorite one ever. I can't recall ever finding one of these things as irritating as that one has so far proven to be.

On topic, you're right of course: Obama and especially the Clintons were totally in bed with Russia on issues from uranium to Iran. And the Bidens have some Ukrainian ties that are just as interesting as Paul Manafort's.

Texan99 said...

The Babylon Bee is on fire this week. https://babylonbee.com/news/leftists-demand-that-criticisms-of-trump-cease-until-he-stops-getting-death-threats