A Short Film on the Green New Deal

Narrated by Ms. Occasio-Cortez.

If you want to get to the positive argument, you can skip the first 3:27. Those are just idle fantasies about glorious diversity, plus a recap of how her opponents are all evil liars motivated solely by money.

After that, it turns out... well, see for yourself. Apparently there's just as much money to be made planting mangroves as in petro-engineering.


E Hines said...

You know, mangroves taste better than oil.

Oh, wait--that's mangoes. Well, close enough.

Eric Hines

ymarsakar said...


Meanwhile, the Deep State gathers its forces.

All is not well and the battle is almost over even if the war is not. The secret combinations have gained status and sanction, merely by Americans ignoring them and allowing it.

If I had talked about everything I knew and suspected after 2007, that would probably have been a red flag event.

Dad29 said...

AlGore has done very well without mangoes....

IBM has also done extremely well using FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) in its sales presentations vs. other computer manufacturers such as Burroughs, Amdahl, NCR.

It's the most common sales technique.