Understood, Congressman

So, if elected, your plan is not to seize guns from "law-abiding citizens," because your plan is first to turn us into felons. Got it.

There are insurmountable Constitutional as well as practical and legal problems with this approach, but at least I know for sure just where you stand.

Now go away. A man who would run on a pledge to convert tens of millions of law-abiding citizens into felons, for the express purpose of voiding a Constitutional right, is unfit for any office of public trust.


E Hines said...

Keep in mind, too, that Swalwell has already said that if we resisted him, he'd use nuclear weapons on us. This man may be a dinky fry, but he's a highly dangerous dinky fry.

Eric Hines

ymarsakar said...

Well, how you have to do is to have Ymar use nuclear weapons on Swalwell first, then the problem solves itself, now doesn't it? Haha,human antics, as usual.

No, he is not dangerous. Anymore than some Y guy here is dangerous. What is dangerous are the vast super majority of Americans who think everything is going well in the United States of America due to the 2007 Surge.

That is not to say they were wrong or lying, but that this sense of "All is Well, there are no secret conspiracies to deal with" is... dangerous. Don't make me quote that wall barbarian treason quote again.

What about Soros? Well, his money is dangerous, but only because if Americans like to bomb raghead jihadis, they might as well get rid of Soros too.

ymarsakar said...


This is why I don't recommend that anyone believe the propaganda from the main sewer news concerning "anti vaxxers". The media is lying except when it is telling you the truth about a topic you only knew because of the media? See how that works.

Americans don't trust the media.. except the 85% of the time that they do.

As for criminals... you are already criminals if you Disobey the State of New York. Or was that the City, hard to tell.