The Sword in (Late Medieval) War

John Clements of ARMA writes.


Eric Blair said...

Meh. I guess there's nothing really wrong with what he wrote, but the questions that he brings up in the first paragraph are the sort of incurious questions that people ask looking for a quick answer where there is none.

And he does not recommend as one should, that if one wants to know more, one has to read and read and read some more.

Grim said...

I expect he's answering those questions because he gets them a lot. As the head of an obscure martial arts school, he's encountering people whose questions are basic because they've never really thought about it before. The only thing they think they know is what they know from Hollywood or video games, as he says.

I've met Mr. Clements in real life a couple of times. He's one of those guys who moves and talks a mile a minute, and expects you to keep up. I find the manner exhausting, but endure it in his case because he's worth the trouble.