"Tribal Epistemology"

In which Vox hits upon the truth, but thinks it applies to the other side.

I mean, by all means read it -- some of their allegations against our side are serious, and you should prove them wrong by considering them fairly. It is amazing, though, to see them come right to the very edge and not ask, "Hey -- do we do this too?" The closest approach to that is an assertion that the problem disproportionately affects Republicans, which is at least a wave in the direction of the idea that it might sometimes appear on the left as well.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

I found it too tiring after just a few paragraphs. Then I forced myself to go back and read scattered sections. He lumps legitimate criticisms in with things he has no evidence for.

I don't think he comes to the edge of understanding at all. It takes a special kind of blindness to create such an impressive list of what the other guys believe that is false, with no distinction between what he can find among the worst of his opponents and the best criticism that is out there, just for the taking - and then, have no list, not even a polite nod, to any possible false beliefs on his own side. It's rather frightening, really.

Unless I missed some important sections while I was skimming.

Some person in charge of him at Vox decided to run with this without giving him an editor.

Grim said...

Do try to remember the comments policy, Ymar.