Christianity is Irrelevant

So argues this writer, who is quite pleased about it:
I’m excited the North American church is dying. Christians not having the influence we once had in the 1900s gives me great hope. For the past 100 years we’ve had a lot of cultural converts. Everyone is a Christian because they grew up in Texas. Or they go to church. Or their mom and dad raised them that way. Hell, according to the U.S. census 70% of Americans identify as “Christian.” But the vast majority of those responses are nothing more than cultural identification, not Christianity. I imagine that’s why so many people despise Christians. Their belief is cultural, and no one intends to follow the man they claim governs their life, so we end up this giant homogenous blob of hypocrites that judge and condemn people, instead of looking like they did in 165 AD. Instead of rushing to the aid of others, or paying for pagan burials like our ancestors did, we have half-hearted followers who run rampant through the streets of social media pointing the finger to everyone except themselves.

The reason I’m excited about the shift is because as the cultural converts die, vibrant Christians will take their place. Churches will be smaller and stranger to the public, but they’ll be healthier.
Last night I watched another '70s counterculture movie -- Vanishing Point, which has an awesome Dodge Challenger as its real main character -- and was reminded of how 'small and strange' that version of Christianity is. It's really strange, but not really bad: the "Long Haired Friends of Jesus" in the song (and movie) Convoy.

It's true that I meet fewer and fewer young people who recognize obvious Biblical references in movies or television. "That's Ecclesiastes," I'll tell them, and they kind of seem surprised that something so cool could have come out of the Bible. We none of us control any of this, and what is going to happen will happen. Still, there is some reason to hope that it won't all be bad.


Ymar Sakar said...

Given my resources, it's worse than you probably imagine.

The overall strategy seems to be to enthrone Lucifer as the world's unified religion, which means unifying the government in the Rule of International Law, which means adherence to a higher law, the Vatican moral authority.

To do so, they intentionally promote atheists in destroying the status quo. Or in this case, Islam. This will destroy the belief in religion, specifically Western Christianity.

This will create a void or power vacuum, for those who wish to see the Savior of Humanity and atheism, replaced by a new world order. Of course, Lucifer is probably deceiving them, as he deceived Mohammed. But mortals, especially the rich and powerful, have huge egos to the point where they refuse to believe that they are the puppets, even as they are the puppetmasters to the rest of mortals.

Ymar Sakar said...

Personally, I wouldn't care if the entire world Burned in the Last Day.

I care more for justice and truth. If Lucifer had the support of justice and truth, I would follow Lucifer. If the Vatican had justice and truth, I would follow them. If humanity had the ability to enforce the loyalty of a two way street, I would contract with humanity.

The Romans and Jews, converted to being disciples of Christ not because it would benefit them in their lives. It was because some part of their heart and soul admired the stoicism, the utter fearlessness, the inability to be cowed and broken by Death itself. Death was the most powerful god in the ancient world, higher than the Caesars. Anyone who faced their own death, and crucifixion was one of the worst ways to die intentionally, would Bow Down to Authority and Worship them as gods. The fact that disciples and apostles of Christ refused to do so, and died in fire, ice, and destruction designed to break the human spirit to the Will of Humanity, that they died with a smile on their face as they looked to their god for salvation and eternal life, was UNBELIEVABLE.

Even in modern terrorist incidents, captured terrorists aren't that tough, even with their faith in Allah that justifies killing and raping enemies of Allah. When faced with a little waterboarding, less than a day, they shatter, as if their Allah didn't even exist.

For a bunch of Weakling Westerners that can't even kill a single jihadist in single mortal combat, this standard is far beyond their comprehension and imagination. They can't even equal faithful Muslims.

People despise Christians because while they have a personal connection to their Leaders, self proclaimed disciples of Christ do not.

If you have a divine and personal connection, then where are your miracles? If they do not exist, does your god even exist? Or perhaps your god exists but you are not his vassal and servant, you are somebody else's.

The Jews and Romans slapped Jesus of Nazareth across the face, and taunted him by demanding that he come down from the cross, if he is a god. He said he would destroy the temple and raise it in 3 days. A tabernacle, the temple, is also the word for the body in which god resides in. Would disciples of such a power, if it truly existed, be capable of serving fellow humanity without authorized delegation of divine power, miracles, and what not?

They need not be public like Fatima and other Vatican/Lucifer inspired incidents. A personal story and transformation like Saul's, which convinces nobody except Saul itself, would be enough. Yet people worship the power of the United States and its human laws, more than they follow their supposed master. Of course neutrals and enemies would look upon self professed Christians as hypocrites and weaklings. Why would they need to join your god? What do they get out of it? Americans have law and order, even if you don't worship the aO, so what's the point? Do people burn money just because it has no benefit to them?

Humans shouldn't expect too much from other humans, they will be disappointed.

Ymar Sakar said...

If those younger people of yours, Grim, had ever seen Attack of the Titan, you should tell them that's in God's Record as well. Watch them for their reactions, will be funny.

What people think they know about history is equal to what The scientific Consensus think they know about nutrition, life, and Global warming.

Grim said...

You should look up the chief exorcist. He seems to agree with you.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

He seems very confident that his fantasies about what will happen next to the church because of this are going to come true.

Ymar Sakar said...

Another problem with self proclaimed followers of Jesus Christ, is that they read the bible yet understand it not.

A case in point is Grim here. Back when we were talking about whether the Leftist alliance would be forgiven or not, Grim took the position that they would be by God, so that humans should forgive them too. Others online took the position, using the crucifixion line, that "forgive them Father, for they know not what they are doing". Certainly Roman soldiers knew little of Jewish internal politics and weird religious customs, except the centurions and officers who knew the culture and language. By definition they could not know what was going on, because they didn't understand anything except their orders, they didn't need to understand.

The Apostles themselves asked the question of Jesus Christ, their mentor.

Why do you say that those who are against the Son of God, will be forgiven, but those that are against the Holy Spirit, will not be forgiven?

It's even in the Socratic dialogue mode you love so much, Grim. The Apostles could not believe it nor understand it, until after the Holy Ghost was conferred upon them and they became enlightened. The ancient Jews of the Sanhedrin read the Bible, yet also did not understand it. It is plainly stated.

Matthew 12:32 Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come.

It is quite clear that the Apostles came to a better understanding of that line, since they started stating it as fact later on. Things are couched in this way to prevent people with intelligence from brute force cracking the puzzle. Since not even Lucifer could figure out all of divine mysteries before it happened. But those educated by the Holy Spirit can obtain an explanation, if they truly desire it and are worthy of it. Here's a hint, it has something to do with Divine law vs Human law. They are not the same.

The Leftist alliance will not be forgiven. Because there are things not even Jesus Christ can unmake or forgive, he is not the sole authority in existence. That is part of justice. It is not the "love" humans seem so enamored of.

Also, this talk of "the church" is pretty funny, when there are thousands of churches, and many like Black Liberation, Vatican, and Westboro Baptists, as well as Southern Baptists, take pains to hide their history of persecuting other Christians. Although some, like Holder or Hussein's pastor, doesn't even take pains to hide it. The atheists have a point, if the Christian God existed, why would there be so many churches and religions at each other's throat, that doesn't seem like a unified theology. No, but it does look like the results of a perpetual spiritual war. A war that is still ongoing.

What is sin? Why does it matter how one lives their life? What is the benefit of worshiping a god when governments can do the same miracles?

Basic theological questions that Christians have a hard time even talking about, let alone answering. The Catholic answer would be close to "anything that transgresses the Holy Father, the Vicar of Christ, is a sin, and anything forgiven by the 'Vicar of Christ' is no longer a sin". That's not going to fly very far, given Luther. Other christian answers are pretty much in the same vein, weak ones that Greek philosophers could easily demolish.

Ymar Sakar said...

As recently as Jean de Arc, examples of personal revelation and holy powers are in evidence. Humans keep killing off holy prophets, so maybe the divinities are pissed off or out of juice. In modern events, there are individuals who claim to revelation or prophecy or miracles, but ironically they don't happen to be the priesthood or the leaders of various Black Liberaton churches. In fact, the people who get the most miracles and divine guidance, are the farthest from Rome and the farthest from those rich evangelical tv churches, which is a good thing given how many child predators are in those priesthoods. Not as much as DC, but enough to matter. Many of those revivalist churches from the 1800s in the US, looked like demonic possession, including the modern ones that shake all over and speak in incomprehensible slithering tongues.

I go to the source of all things, because humans deceive, especially against themselves. The source of things has more truth to it, but only to those that can understand it. First, you have to want to understand it, instead of merely repeating after the false traditions of humanity. Which include things like "all will be forgiven by Jesus Christ". That's the popular mantra, isn't it.

Ymar Sakar said...

Vatican priests and former Jesuits have been talking about this for years, even before the homosexual child predators came to light.

This isn't anything new. Like the Leftist alliance, it isn't anything new. It is only new to those who decided to wake up suddenly.

Returning Christianity to the days of the Catholic or Chacedonian church, a State Run Religion, where heretics and Christians were burned at the stake and sold to sexual slavers in Islam... I would rather see the world Burn than return to those days.

And I'm probably not alone in that either. It would be better for every Christian to die tomorrow, secure in their faith, than to be tainted and corrupted by a State Run Religion, but then again, I'm not the one running this little experiment called humanity. Your traditions never told you what Lucifer's plan of salvation was vs Jesus' plan, which was basically God's will in the latter. From the slave lords of the US in 1830 and from the Leftist alliance in the 20th century, it was relatively easy to reverse engineer Lucifer's ideology and system.

Ymar Sakar said...

Those papists are still working and fighting. Although I think the Elect has already been deceived.