Well, Obviously

Headline: "Aetna CEO Says Young People Pick Weekend Beer Over Obamacare."

So would I.


Anonymous said...

They would at least get something for their money.

Between the payments and the high deductibles, there is not much value in this insurance.


E Hines said...

The beer is both healthier and cheaper than Obamacare.

Eric Hines

Anonymous said...

Well I'm an old man, and life is too short for cheap beer like the young ones drink, so I'll take some of this ancient mead based on an analysis of a sample from 2500 year old cauldron sediment!



Anonymous said...

Grim, changing to a musical subject,

at this link: https://pjmedia.com/lifestyle/2016/10/25/2016-arlington-guitar-show/

Is this the Rev Horton Heat in the second photo down with the spiked hair at the Arlington TX Guitar show?

It sure looks like him.


Grim said...

No, he's busy right now. I wish I could go to that set of shows -- it is probably going to be amazing.