A huge win in Oregon.


raven said...

I have never heard the like, of the six US marshals surrounding, taking down, and tazing the defendants LAWYER , when the lawyer asked for documentation of the Marshals claim of further custody of his client. And the fact they refused to obey the judges specific order to leave the man alone.
I have to assume the feds were absolutely gobsmacked at the verdict and had no control over themselves. They took down the guys lawyer for talking with the judge? This is perhaps a better illustration of why these guys were acquitted, than the facts of the trial itself.

I am also appalled at the effectiveness of the racial divisions being promoted, judging from the comment section- apparently half the readers believe they would have been convicted if of color-180 degree reversal from the other half, who believe people of color have gotten a free pass on a lot of things that would put a white guy in the slammer.

Tom said...

Attacking the defendant's lawyer ... I wonder what story will emerge from that.

Fascinating verdicts. The defendants were clearly guilty of the firearms charges. It is simply nullification.

Grim said...

As Raven says, the attack on the lawyer proves the rightness of the jury. This is not simply nullification, it is defiance of tyranny.

raven said...

It will be interesting to see if the feds decide to find some new charges to re-try them on. ALA the Rodney King fiasco.
As long as they can keep finding new charges, the constitutional provisions against double jeopardy seem sort of useless.
Also wonder if they will turn the administrative state against them in an act of revenge.

Tom said...

It certainly looks that way, Grim. Good point, raven.

I kinda hope the judge finds the six marshals in contempt. Only "kinda" because it's probably too much to hope for.

Anonymous said...

"...the feds were absolutely gobsmacked at the verdict and had no control over themselves. "

If that turns out to be the case, they should each and every one be fired, and then the lawyer should sue them for assault and battery.


Ymar Sakar said...

Almost a testimony that Bundy's God is directing affairs. Given the previous example of Socrates and Jean De Arc, it's quite possible now a days.