Final Military Times Poll: Trump Support Grows

Trump leads overall and with enlisted, among whom Clinton doesn't break 1 in 5 and finishes in a distant third place. Trump is narrowly in third place among officers, but Clinton isn't even a half percentage point ahead of Gary Johnson in that subset. Johnson is in second place among enlisted as well.

Female servicemembers look a lot like officers in their voting preferences: Trump is in third, but Johnson is the overall winner. Men prefer Trump.

As has been true in previous polls, support for Trump is strongest and for Clinton weakest among the Marines and the Army. She does better among the Navy and Air Force, but she is still behind Trump (who always wins) and, in the Air Force, also behind Johnson. She leads Johnson narrowly in the Navy, but remains a good distance behind Trump.
Both major parties remain largely unliked by the military. Nearly 83 percent of those surveyed said they are dissatisfied with Clinton as the Democratic Party’s pick to be president, and more than 65 percent said the same of Trump as the Republican nominee.

Only 4 percent of troops polled said they have abundant confidence that Clinton can lead the military as commander in chief. About 9 percent said the same for Trump. More than 60 percent of troops said they had little confidence either could.
One Marine corporal who responded to the survey wrote back, "No one seems to care that Hillary Clinton is directly responsible for leaking classified information. It's an embarrassment that she is on the verge of becoming president.”


Ymar Sakar said...

The Left has been prepared to destroy military oversea ballots since at least Gore's rigged 2000 recounts.

Given the Left's overwhelming control of the Executive, US military chain of command, purge of the US military upper echelons, AND certain USPS strategic positions, military votes may not matter as much as they did in 2000.

Ymar Sakar said...

One reason the Left always has forces overseas in their warmonger wars, ala Vietnam, was probably because of the oversea ballots issue. The more soldiers they got killed, the better voting it got back home.