Dogs from Above

According to the article at Science Alert, this is part of an anti-poaching program in South Africa's Kruger National Park. I liked this bit:

And even though the school isn’t sure if dogs experience adrenaline rushes like human skydivers, they say their tails start to wag when they hear the helicopter.

"The dogs are exceptionally comfortable with skydiving," Eric Ichikowitz from the Ichikowitz Family Foundation, who helped start the program, told National Geographic. "They know they’re going to work."

Looks like fun.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Son #5 is moving from Army Reserve to active duty and wants to work with the dogs in MP. I'm not sure he wants to skydive, though.

Tom said...

Skydiving is fun. So is rappelling.

But, to each his own. I think working with dogs as an MP sounds pretty cool, even without the skydiving.