This Sounds Basically Right

I didn't read this earlier because it was billed as "Donald Trump's speech addressing sexual assault allegations." I already know what I think about that -- I think his character is such that the accusations are completely believable -- so I ignored what he had to say about it.

That was a mistake. Once you get past his denials of wrongdoing, it turns out he has something very interesting to say.
This is not simply another four-year election. This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not we the people reclaim control over our government.

The political establishment that is trying to stop us is the same group responsible for our disastrous trade deals, massive illegal immigration and economic and foreign policies that have bled our country dry.

The political establishment has brought about the destruction of our factories, and our jobs, as they flee to Mexico, China and other countries all around the world. Our just-announced job numbers are anemic. Our gross domestic product, or GDP, is barely above 1 percent. And going down. Workers in the United States are making less than they were almost 20 years ago, and yet they are working harder.

It’s a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities.

Just look at what this corrupt establishment has done to our cities like Detroit; Flint, Michigan; and rural towns in Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina and all across our country. Take a look at what’s going on. They stripped away these town bare. And raided the wealth for themselves and taken our jobs away out of our country never to return unless I’m elected president.

The Clinton machine is at the center of this power structure. We’ve seen this first hand in the WikiLeaks documents, in which Hillary Clinton meets in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty in order to enrich these global financial powers, her special interest friends and her donors.

Honestly, she should be locked up.

Let’s be clear on one thing, the corporate media in our country is no longer involved in journalism. They’re a political special interest no different than any lobbyist or other financial entity with a total political agenda, and the agenda is not for you, it’s for themselves.

And their agenda is to elect crooked Hillary Clinton at any cost, at any price, no matter how many lives they destroy.
H/t Cold Fury, via D29.

I don't know that I believe that Donald Trump can actually fix any of those problems, but allowing for a few rhetorical flourishes, he's right about what the problems are. Organizations like those set up by the TPP and T-TIP do intend to transfer much of America's sovereignty to international councils and courts that will respond to global corporations instead of the American people. Clinton's speeches to Goldman Sachs, and the large-scale foreign money passed quid-pro-quo through the Clinton Foundation, prove that she's on board with this transfer of power from the American people to this global elite.

Likewise, of course, her Supreme Court appointments will be pointed right at stripping away the limits on Federal power that the Constitution is intended to enshrine. It's already the case that they treat the 10th Amendment like a nullity; it's increasingly the case that the religious liberty guaranteed by the 1st Amendment is a nullity. We will see all such limitations traduced if she has her way on the Court, such that the American people will no longer be self-governing but will be bowed under the will of a tiny, "progressive" elite.

It's a dark future. I don't know if it can be avoided, and I don't know that I believe that Trump is the one who could avoid it in any case. But it's where we are.

UPDATE: Bret Stephens writes at the WSJ that he regards this talk as echoing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories from the last mid-century. As is well known, I have no use for anti-Semitism, and certainly would regard it as a disqualifying aspect of such a theory if it were true that it was merely a renewed telling of an old myth. But these charges about the threat to sovereignty aren't "conspiracy theories," they're an analysis of the language of the TPP -- and they aren't fever dreams of the right, either, as should be proven by this article on the subject by none other than Elizabeth Warren. Now, you may have noticed that there's very little overlap in support for Elizabeth Warren and Donald Trump.

UPDATE: David Foster, in the comments, proposes an analogy to the governor of an engine. The discussion it provoked in the comments section is highly interesting, which is a fact that speaks very well of his audience.


David Foster said...

It is true that fear of the Finance industry and fear of anti-Semitism have historically been closely coupled; it is also true that a lot of the people attacking finance don't understand it very well, if at all. But this doesn't mean that the finance industry should be exempt from criticism.

Personally, I believe that both the Finance industry AND the Legal industry serve essential functions, but have grown far beyond their optimal size and influence. See my post A Plague of Stick Governors?

J Melcher said...

Disclosing WAY too much information, I actually live in a neighborhood development / sub-division named, (like in the linked essay) "Meadowview".

Once upon a time, there was a meadow over which the site of some of these houses overlooked. But that was decades back.

The neighborhood now blocking the view is named "Boardwalk", not because there is a wooden walkway nearby, nor a beachfront with a walk of any sort. The street names in the area are Illinois and Park Place and Baltic ...

A nyhow, it's not always about being politically correct or even marketable.

Anonymous said...

.......The Clinton machine is at the center of this power structure. We’ve seen this first hand in the WikiLeaks documents, in which Hillary Clinton meets in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty in order to enrich these global financial powers, her special interest friends and her donors........

.......Clinton says reaching out to Netanyahu, I mean Bibi, is “near the top” of her list of priorities. I wonder why.........

.........The role of Jewish donors on the Democratic side is “gigantic” and “shocking.”
And those Jewish donors are seen as pro-Israel all the time, by folks who study politics..........

Grim, lots of links in the article from Mondoweis.
Seems in Israel they know more about what is going on in the USA than we do.

Please read "Clinton to drop Israel from ‘public’ speeches, put it back in ‘with donors’ — email"

Trump is right. America is for America first
Not Israel

Grim said...

C'mon, Clinton says a lot of things. No reason to believe this statement more than anything else she says. If she said she wanted to reach out to Bibi, she thought that it would play well with the audience she was speaking to that minute. There's no reason to believe anything that she says about anything at all.

You want to know about Clinton, look at her money. Her money is tied up with the Saudis and Qatar -- Gulf oil states, and hardcore Sunni Islamists. They aren't the enemy to Israel that Iran is, with its messianic 12er Shi'a Islam, but they're not Zionists either.

Clinton doesn't give a damn about Israel. She does like money, and she may think that she can get some money by saying nice things about Israel to certain audiences at certain times.

And while America ought to be for America first, and not Israel or anyone else, the Israelis aren't high on the list of people giving us problems. Just the opposite: they're usually high on the black lists of the people who give us problems. They're the only people our enemies want to kill more than they want to kill Americans.