The Al Smith Dinner

It was McCain's best moment in 2008. Of course, he lost.

Well, here's what we saw tonight.


Anonymous said...

Quite a speech.

He did a good job of ripping her apart.... ....Rght to her face...... Honesty.....

He is right, She absolutely hates Catholics.

and HRC was indeed the Lizard Queen through the whole speech,
watch her face as Trump pounds her relentlessly.

At this point I have feelings close to bloodlust so I'm pleased with what he did.

If Trump did not exist, we would invent him.

- Mississippi

on a side, read Vox Days take, he gets it.

Anonymous said...

Let us focus,

The Market Ticker wrote about Trumps "BRUTAL Truths"

.......Donald didn't roast Hillary, he BBQed her. That Hillary had the audacity to show up for such an event after what she and her campaign have traded in emails about Catholics was the height of hypocrisy bar none, and Donald gave her no quarter. The audience was squirming, but that's what you have to do from time to time -- take that sacred cow up on stage, praise it, lay down a few laughs, and then show the world by giving a good yank on the cord that the reason it won "largest cow" at the fair is that someone stuck a 4" drain stopper up it's butt........

Second, It is worth re-reading and remembering people in the media who want us to "Die"
so I would read from the National Review: Die, White Working Class by Kevin Williamson

Third, Fred Reed is wide eyed and alert, and it is not a pretty picture he paints of our current political system.
..............Let’s not delude ourselves. America is ruled by the Five Cities, Boston, New York, Washington, Tel Aviv, and Hollywood.........

Fourth, Dad29 sees the signs. He reminds us that many Americans are getting ready for the huge changes
that are rapidly approaching with a government that simply will not listen.. t-surly-or-just-worried.html

Fifth, The Motley Monk points out and demonstrates that USA is a high tax nation, maybe the highest in the world
and this is why we sorely need a massive tax revolt. I think the Tax revolt needs to focus on the FEDS. Either we fry them, or they fry us.

Last I think we should look at HRC'c tax proposals, This companion article to the the Motley Monks article on taxes linked right above. Read them together and think about it.

It is advisable that everyone should go buy some 50, or 30, or 25, or whatever round magazines for you black guns, because if HRC is elected you can sell them to other for double the price you paid for them, and even if she does not get reelected they are good to have in order to be prepared for the long haul.
Its always always good to share with freinds and loved ones when Lucrecia Borges sends her minions.

Have a nice week end

Tom said...

Wow. Hillary was sitting next to a Cardinal. Shouldn't she have burst into flames?

Tom said...

The delivery was great. He went straight-faced through some hilarious lines, which made them all the better.

Tom said...

Link correction:

Anonymous said...

This video made me hideously uncomfortable. I am not fond of roasts, and I have attended more than one that just made me want to squirm in sympathy, in this case for Hillary. I felt bad for her, criminal or not, and it did not make any difference that she threw a few nasty lines at him at the same event, too. (She got some boos for her remarks, too.) I did not watch that portion of the event.

Of course, as far as the audience was concerned, DJT's big sin was naming the heads of the news agencies as supporters of a candidate in an election, and referring to Wikileaks. CNN has been cutting off people who mention that topic.

My problem is, there is no way to use ordinary, clear english language to describe what Hillary has done, without sounding offensive. I have seen the Project Veritas videos, and the avalanche of evidence dug up by citizen journalists. There is no accurate way to convey the information available, without giving insult.