Wonder If He Came From The Old Danelaw?

An SAS soldier does what commandos do best -- with an axe.
An SAS soldier killed an ISIS fighter with an axe as he freed young girls who were being held hostage as sex slaves. According to the Daily Star, the SAS hero struck the jihadi in one blow to the skull during a mission in Syria last month. The mission was a US and British covert operation in northern Syria to free girls who were being held hostage by ISIS and forced to marry their fighters.
That's what it's all about.

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raven said...

Another to put on the Roster of Hero's.

The only way this could be improved is if he brought the head back in a box for presentation with a pork chop stuffed in it's mouth.

From the article-regarding the captive girls-
"Those who refused to co-operate were raped, dipped in acid or crucified, according to the paper.

It is believed images of the girls being tortured were found and they were so brutal, they reduced the SAS men to tears"

It would be interesting to know if the trooper was carrying the axe as his personal weapon, or if he picked up something on the moment.