Is the System Rigged?

Are we seriously having a debate about whether the system is rigged, rather than to what degree or just how it is rigged?

Here's the perspective from the right, today:

And here it is from the left, last week.

The system is as rigged as the politicians can get away with making it. That shouldn't be controversial. What we should be worried about are these questions:

1) Are there any parts we can have confidence in?

2) What can we do, if anything, to fix the parts we already know are rigged?

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Ymar Sakar said...

This is why elections weren't a strategic consideration for me in 2007, I had other things to worry about. While the election of Hussein Obola's accelerated America's free train ride to hell and CW 2, it was inevitable even before Hussein Obola came on the radar.

Otherwise I would never have come to that conclusion in 2007. I would have come to it after his election in 2008.