The Anti-Nazi Rally Will Be Held at the Nazi Rally

In what is becoming a regular feature of American life, left-wing radicals showed up at a right-wing radical event and attacked it. Much like what happened here in Georgia at Stone Mountain not long ago, the counterprotesters greatly outnumbered the protesters.

I don't care for Nazis or Klansmen, so I can't really bring myself to shed many tears over this. On the other hand, we see the same sort of behavior being pointed at Donald Trump rallies -- and he's twice now faced a potential assassin coming after him personally. It seems as if the right to a dissenting opinion is not being undermined only for the Klan and their ilk. Rather, the strategy seems to be to paint a large part of Americans' views as deserving of physical silencing.


raven said...

How do we know what is going on with regard to the protesters?

When the anti's show up all clad in their best "anti-fascist" garb,and the leftist news paints anyone to the right of Lenin as a racist fascist pig, it is very hard to ascribe to the protesters any accurate political identification. . Who applied the Nazi appellation? Maybe they are, or maybe they are just ordinary conservatives, who increasingly are being labeled and targeted.

Grim said...

Well, according to their website they are White separatists.

douglas said...

The protestors were from the "Traditional Worker Party". You can look them up if you like. Neo-nazis, no question. Please, though, let's not call them "Right Wing Radicals", or at least note that it's the European right/left dichotomy you refer to. They're old school left wing national socialists (as I'm sure we all know). I just don't like re-inforcing the Red left's disinformation campaign to saddle the American Right with the Neo-nazis.

Eric Blair said...

Bad thing all around. One of these times somebody is going to start shooting.

Ymar Sakar said...

The Klan would be okay if they disavowed their loyalty, present future and past, to the Demoncrat death cult, and if they would re-adopt their founder's ideology and will.

Nathan Bedford Forrest that is.

While the Left has mostly disavowed the KKK, the fact that Robert KKK Byrd was in the Senate for so long, does mean there are some holdout Democrats still. They need to be taught a lesson in the 21st century, and who better to do it than the evil of the Leftist alliance.

When the anti's show up all clad in their best "anti-fascist" garb,and the leftist news paints anyone to the right of Lenin as a racist fascist pig, it is very hard to ascribe to the protesters any accurate political identification.

A good instinctive response, Raven. For me, I've always found that the Left's enemies, like the biker clubs, have their own rules and interests. On an individual level, they are not evil. They only become evil when they join the Left or Islam or the Demoncrat founders. I observe human nature, ideology isn't all that important in the end result.

Ymar Sakar said...

As for how people can know what is going on, check youtube and ask the Traditional Workers to upload their personal videos. That is the strongest personal testimony they can provide, to impartial observers. Yes they will be accused of a lot of things, but they can't hit you in the face as easily if you use Youtube. There's that.

It's why the Waco police deleted the personal videos and information of their targets, after arresting them. It would interfere with the propaganda line that it was the bikers who were the criminals and who started a shooting spree. If you had personal videos of the Traditional Workers party, they would become humanized and you might get a good look into their culture and family life. That is not allowed, for those who seek to de humanize and terminate them.

Ymar Sakar said...

The things I found, paint a very different picture, although explains why they are the Left's enemies. Still, with the internet, it's sometimes difficult to verify identities merely with names or hashtags.

The Traditional Workers Party is Alt Right.

They're old school left wing national socialists

I would have to look up doug's sources on that, because while there might be an old school one, the one the LEft hates would be the new school youth group one.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Americans should regard with joy opportunities for those we disagree with to peacefully protest.