A Pretty Strong Speech by Donald Trump

Not according to me... according to The Atlantic.

If he can control his public remarks this well, and give speeches this strong on these issues, he'll have a chance. I think Scott Adams is right, though, that he will still lose unless he can convince Americans that he loves them.

But these are the right ideas for helping out that blue-collar American working class whose analog, the old Labour voters, won Brexit. Would Trump implement these ideas if elected? It's the same problem with the SCOTUS nominee list he put out. They're the right people: would he follow through if elected?

We certainly know Clinton won't.


raven said...

He does not need to convince Americans he loves them. All he has to do is reassure them he does not HATE them. The wanton arrogance and vitriol coming from the D's shows they regard half of the American public as their sworn enemies. And if they keep it up, we may decide to believe them. They play a dangerous game in this strategy of divisiveness.

Grim said...

You could be right that people are divided enough that he only needs to convince people he doesn't hate them to win their votes. You're certainly right that the division game is dangerous, and has really been the strategy of the Left for a generation at least.

Ymar Sakar said...

Margaret Sanger, Planned Profit, eugenics purification and elimination of inferior black races. More than a generation at least.