Department of Injustice, Continued

After yesterday's mysterious meeting on the tarmac inside a private plane, "Attorney General" Loretta Lynch moves to shield the Clinton Foundation from public scrutiny until nearly two years from now.

Grandchildren. Right.

UPDATE: Armed Liberal is right. It's worth reading the comments from the NPR listeners reacting to this story.


douglas said...

Two words- Special Prosecutor

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I would be greatly encouraged by the comments by NPR listeners - some of whom are liberal and might be expected to support Hillary fairly automatically - if it were not for the long track record of such insights coming to nothing, as the social enforcement types on the left move in to bring people back into line. I recall the feminists who were outraged at Bill in the 90's, and the good-government types who were shocked at Clinton's exit pardons.

They are all seemingly safely back in the fold again. They do not operate by reason, except fleetingly (see Tom Friedman). They respond to social cues to remain in the tribe. Nothing else in the long run.

Ymar Sakar said...

They're all guilty. Even the civil servants will find it difficult to absolve themselves just doing their jobs, come the day.

james said...

I think they do operate by reason, and understand that this is very wrong--but they also judge that this is something to be managed within the family. They will leap to her defense against the truly wicked outsiders.