We Will Live Forever

Independence Day's weekend is upon us.

Via SSI.

It's a known sentiment.

The outlawing of the tunes and pipes doesn't date to the Medievals, but to the Jacobite rebellions some hundreds of years later. But the Scots were free, eventually, in Georgia and southern Appalachians if not in Scotland. Aye, and shall be again, when they are ready to be. And so shall we.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

The inspiration of ancient sounds is hard to understand for those who do not feel a strong connection to the world of their great-grandfathers. But outlawing of the tunes and the pipes was wise, though not just. They have power, power to rise, power to inspire.

Conquerors often ban languages and songs. They know.

Grim said...

Just last year, I used the same video as a symbol because the University of Georgia banned the wearing of the hoop skirt. That's exactly like banning the kilt. For that matter, we've got plenty of tunes that -- if not quite outlawed -- are forbidden in any even slightly polite company. Seven Nations doesn't play Dixie anymore, not even as a medley with Scotland the Brave. Yet the cultural connection between the highland South and the Scottish Highlands is very real: East Tennessee and Western North Carolina were settled chiefly by Scots.

Ymar Sakar said...

It is easier to do what Japan and China did, teach the new generation a different language. Then all the old tunes and music, no longer have the same effect lyric wise. Melody wise, they can't stop it, since music is its own language. But they can reformat the lyrics at least.

Banning music when people have the capability to use their linguistics ability to create more music, is sort of pointless. Sort of like banning guns when people can use laser printers to make the trigger mechanism, the seemingly most difficult part.