Oh, Good

Headline: "Elite's AI Created Super Weapons and Started Hunting Players. Skynet is Here."

Amusingly to me, I'd never heard of this game but knew immediately what they were talking about because I played the original back in 1984. I was Elite, once.


Tom said...

Ya know, I'm slowly coming to suspect that while we're all completely focused on the upcoming elections, a heretofore unknown AI in command of a secretly-manufactured army of warbots will pull a world-wide coup. This time next year we'll all be insurgents fighting a Wolverines-style war against them.

They'll probably wait until after the election for the riots, and for Obama to be completely absorbed in writing pardons for members of his administration while his staff bail out into secure lucrative lobbying jobs.

Ymar Sakar said...

Skynet AI is still beyond the capabilities of software engineers for some time yet. They would have to be capable of creating a life form that can code itself, whether using the Internet itself as the ocean or water for its molecular memory properties.

An accident can always happen of course. There were a lot of doomsday theories about the second millennium after the Messiah of Christianity. Maybe the calendar and astronomy was off by merely a few decades.