Good for Bernie

Going to take it to the convention. Sanders supporters are allegedly a non-specific risk to AP reporters for its blatant attempt to depress turnout in the CA elections, but the anger is pretty justified. The media is throwing themselves into Clinton's tank this year.

Meanwhile, California's alienation from Republicans is now so severe that it is sending two Democratic candidates to the general election for US Senate.


E Hines said...

That was, after all, the point of the new top-two primary rules.

Eric Hines

Grim said...

Not tracking internal CA affairs that closely, but it makes sense: Republicans are so dead there that there's no reason to keep treating them like they have a real chance to win a statewide election.

douglas said...

I saw not one TV ad, nor got even one mailer advocating a vote for any Republican candidate for Senator this primary cycle. Unbelievable. And they CA GOP had two former State Party heads running against each other to further split whatever small vote they might get from the few who would recognize their names. So not only are we outnumbered, we're stupider than a box of rocks (as a party).

As a Californian, allow me to apologize to the rest of the United States for what we foist upon you. If you thought Pelosi was a genius, wait until you see Loretta Sanchez in action. Harris is a corrupt AG who will fit right into the DC scene.

I'm already on board for taking the 'Let it burn' policy in regards California. It's a shame. This used to be a great state. Maybe it can be a warning for the rest of the country before it's to late.

Ymar Sakar said...

California is like a blueprint for the rest of the states. Conform or else.