Congress Must Move to Appoint a Special Prosecutor

The President of the United States just endorsed a woman under investigation by the FBI for corruption and violating national security law. It was bad enough when the prosecutorial decision was going to be made by an office that had donated $75,000 her campaign this year.

Nothing could make clearer that the legitimacy of the law is being thrust aside for political reasons. Nothing could more clearly underline the need for a special prosecutor in this case.


E Hines said...

Too late. Obama has just instructed his FBI--again--to take no meaningful action, and he's just instructed his hand-picked AG to take no meaningful action.

Suppose a special prosecutor got appointed by Congress, and he recommended criminal charges be brought. Whose police force, whose DoJ would make the arrest and conduct the trial?

Eric Hines

Grim said...

The prosecutor needs authority to prosecute the case, not to recommend a prosecution.

As for which police force, Congress has a jail and a sergeant at arms. And there is always the militia of the United States.

douglas said...

This Republican congress can't stop legislation. You want them to actually arrest a candidate for President? I think some of them are this close to endorsing her.

I have to pin my hopes on the FBI professionals to force the hand of the bureaucratic appointees.

Grim said...

I don't see anyone at any of the political sites even suggesting it as a possibility. No one apparently thinks Congress can or will do anything to stop this manifest abuse of justice.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren gave a huge speech on the principle of the independent judiciary. It was an attack on Trump, of course, for having doubted the impartiality of a judge. At no point did she mention the importance of having one of these impartial judges rule on Hillary Clinton's case. At no point did she condemn Barack Obama for taking such obvious steps to ensure that no member of the impartial judiciary ever has the opportunity.

Ymar Sakar said...

Obey the Rule of Law or Else!

That's what the zombies always claim.