This Is Hilarious: Scott Adams Endorses Hillary

I will just post the first three paragraphs to get you started, but the whole thing is great ... in a really dark and twisted, it's better to laugh maniacally than scream in terror sort of way.

I’ve decided to come off the sidelines and endorse a candidate for President of the United States.

I’ll start by reminding readers that my politics don’t align with any of the candidates. My interest in the race has been limited to Trump’s extraordinary persuasion skills. But lately Hillary Clinton has moved into the persuasion game – and away from boring facts and policies – with great success. Let’s talk about that.

This past week we saw Clinton pair the idea of President Trump with nuclear disaster, racism, Hitler, the Holocaust, and whatever else makes you tremble in fear.


Grim said...

He's right. I was asking the same question before: why not murder Trump? If he's Hitler, doesn't everyone say they'd kill Hitler?

Eric Blair said...

I have an unhappy suspicion that if Trump got assassinated, then others would be too in retaliation.

Not a good game to play. The Romans found out the hard way.

Tom said...

Yeah, it doesn't go anywhere good once that game starts.

Anonymous said...

This endorsement reminds me of Mark Twain's essay concerning the Jews, especially the section on why people are prejudiced against them.

Twain thinks it's because they are better businessmen.

"The basis of successful business is honesty; a business cannot thrive where the parties to it cannot trust each other. In the matter of numbers of the Jew counts for little in the overwhelming population of New York; but that his honesty counts for much is guaranteed by the fact that the immense wholesale business houses of Broadway, from the Battery to Union Square, is substantially in his hands."

"I am persuaded that in Russia, Austria, and Germany nine-tenths of the hostility to the Jew comes from the average Christian's inability to compete successfully with the average Jew in business - in either straight business or the questionable sort. "