How Much Astroturf is Out There?

A woman named Candace Owens accuses the "Gamergate" fantastic duo of staging a "sexist, racist" attack on her. If she's telling the truth about her evidence, and I have no way of knowing one way or the other, she's got a strong case.
Men, Misogyny, and Gaming. Retrospectively, that was the one thing that was apparent in every single message I received, even down to the e-mail addresses used... My initial suspicion was that Zoe perhaps tipped the gaming community off and they were now coming down on us: hard. However I exited that suspicion when I received this anonymous e-mail that morning, alerting me of a planned attack to debunk our kickstarter efforts... It was another male. He was tipping me off, and simultaneously threatening me against continuing our campaign. He said he “wasn’t doing it to warn [me]”, and yet clearly, “he” was. But that wasn’t what stood out to me.... What stood out to me was the fact that this e-mail came in to my personal e-mail address.... which I had only given to Zoe when she reached out to me via twitter.
The argument here is that a few people -- perhaps as many as twenty -- are operating a vast network of fake online identities. It looks like the ringleaders portray themselves as radical feminists, but the fake identities they're leveraging are presented as men. Men who are racist, sexist, and hateful. Men who, in other words, exemplify the charges being raised against 'men' by these same women.

I see a lot of stories like this via InstaPundit, whom I assume is raising them for the same reason I'm raising this one -- not to assert that this kind of thing is the usual condition, but to ask how common it is. How many of these claims of oppression are created by the very people claiming to be oppressed to justify their narrative?

Some, obviously. Not all of them, equally obviously. The fact that we're asking the question raises the danger of the availability heuristic: are we overestimating the incidence because, now that we're looking for it, we're seeing it everywhere? The legitimate cases we're not looking for are still out there, but at the moment these cases we're looking for are prominent in our minds.

Candace Owens thinks she has a solution, at least a partial one.


MikeD said...

Interestingly, my wife pointed this story out to me yesterday from But the take was VASTLY different. Dismissive, accusing Owens of being delusional, and hysterical, and conspiratorially minded. And the whole time I was reading it, I kept thinking, "you're doing an excellent job of convincing me she's right." Because clearly, because she had "strayed from the reservation", she had to be taken down. Hard. So that's what they tried to do.

Tom said...

Interesting. Candace seems like a pretty smart woman.

Ymar Sakar said...

Look at the number of KKK racist lynching incidents on college and cross reference how many Leftsts were behind that. Even some of the riots around Vietnam era, was due to agent provocateurs.

As for GamerGate, I use difference sources.

I'm not sure whether this can be called ridiculous or not, since I never predicted the alliance between Gamers and political extremists/patriots/voters. It just didn't seem like it would ever be feasible. But the Left has surprised me with their strategies before.

Like most things concerning counter insurgency and insurgency, without capturing the agents involved, people can make all kinds of claims. That's why the GamerGate loyalists want to actually capture the harassers, ddoxers, and death threat makers. Some have picked up on them being third (or enemy) parties. The others ones know that if they capture the offenders, they will be vindicated, since they aren't GamerGate loyalists.

AQ made it easy for the US In Al Anbar because everytime a market full of tribal civilians died, AQ claimed responsibility for it. They should have just blamed it on Americans directly, not just indirectly. False flag operations would have made more sense there.