No, Of Course We Can't Compromise

But if we could, pretty much every Republican would be OK with this. Even as a Democrat of the Jacksonian faction, I have to say that I can see some virtues in this proposed design.


MikeD said...

So I had an enlightening comment discussion with someone who took exception with the idea that Tubman was a "Republican". I was told "well, you see, the Republican and Democrat party changed sides during history, with the liberal Republicans becoming Democrats and the conservative Democrats becoming Republicans." So I asked the obvious question, "Oh, can you tell me during what time period this switch occured?"

"Well, you see, it didn't happen all at once, it just happened gradually over time." With the baited hook set I then pulled.

"So then, was Hoover a liberal who oversaw the collapse of the economy, or was FDR a conservative President who oversaw it's recovery? Was Nixon a liberal VP under Eisenhower and conservative President in 68? Was Truman a conservative Southern Democrat who ordered the integration of the Army, or were the Southern Democrats liberal later when they voted against the Civil Rights act that was signed into law by the conservative Southern Democrat President LBJ? Or were the Democrats conservative then? Or was JFK a conservative anti-communist? And what about the Grand Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd who was a lifelong Democrat elected to the Senate prior to the Civil Rights Act but only left office in the 90s?

And why is it there has never been an open member of the KKK elected as a Republican ever, but there have been several Democrats elected?

Or is this one of those tropes where our side was always in the right and the other side was always in the wrong, because our tribe never would have done things we don't approve of in their history? Because that's what this seems like."

I was greeted with a vulgar response, because apparently that's what you do when you get your hand slammed in the door.

Eric Blair said...