Waco Update

According to this source, 13 of 16 entrance wounds in the Twin Peaks "biker shootout" case were in the .22 caliber range. Well, .22 caliber -- or 5.56mm, the chambering of the rifles the police were using.

The interpretation is that the police shot almost everyone. That's a stronger claim than I've heard from the ballistics so far, but one that has been corroborated by witness accounts. Of course, the witnesses were all arrested, and face felony terms just for being there -- even the ones who didn't have a gun or shoot a round, given that the prosecution has decided to prosecute this as an organized criminal 'association.'

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Ymar Sakar said...

The snipers were already prepped to follow kill on sight orders by the propaganda brainwashing that these were dangerous "terrorists" that needed to be eliminated, or the unions would cut the benefits of the police enforcers.

In that mind set, it's easy for them to be conditioned to pull the trigger, as they did in DC executing a woman that got lost on the streets.

They know they will be welcomed as heroes with an applause that is shattering as the collapse of the Republic was.