Texas to Talk Secession

It's an increasingly reasonable idea, which explains its increasing visibility. Just consider the possibility of a Clinton victory in November and its effect on the Supreme Court, which would mean the death of the Constitution as an instrument limiting Federal authority. Would you want out of a union governed by an unlimited Federal government?

Well, maybe not: resistance is still possible through impeachment, which can reach Supreme Court Justices as well as Presidents. Likewise, resistance is possible through state-driven Constitutional conventions.

All that said, escape would look like an increasingly attractive option for anyone who could manage it.


raven said...

I don't know the age of the members here, but I can recall reading about some atrocity in the Soviet Union and thinking, "that could never happen here, we have laws, and unlike the Soviets, the laws are not just for show". Now we read about the ruthless use of federal agencies as enforcers with their own set of laws, courts, judges, and police, almost a shadow government. I have no sense anymore that the law will be applied with any "spirit", or discretion, but simply used a a bludgeon to crush any who get in the way of it's countless (literally, search it) regulations.

As an aside to the above, "ignorance of the law is no excuse" Bullshit. That may have been true when law had some moral and ethical background, but we have so many we can't even COUNT them anymore.
Texas? Sounds good, and then I think about Waco.....

Ymar Sakar said...

The US is more akin to a Bureaucratic Oligarchy than a government of the people, for the people. If anything, it's also had Gaia death cult and Leftist cult dogma, in the form of Theocratic Rule by dogma and laws. Very similar to Islam, must be why they get along so well. In Islam, they want a Caliphate, combined Pope with Divine King. In America, we have Messiahs like Trump and Hussein that will make the oceans calm and make a light shine down upon their flock. It's a Divine Message, not merely a political argument any more.

It's long past that commandment against worshiping idol gods. Not even the Aztecs and Mayans could trump America's Planned Profit efficiency and bureaucracy.

America was so Exceptional that people, patriots and all, refused to believe it could happen here. Germany and Japan before WWII, also believed in their exceptionalism and nationalism. Later on, they were humbled by a superior and better power, but history is a cycle, and what the US dished out, someone will return the favor.

It would be ironic if Texas succeeded and the paramilitary Leftist cabal takes them over as an independent state like Cuba, using Waco tactics. That'd be pretty hilarious. Texans would be escaping to California for refuge then. Still, Alamo and what not, might motivate people to fight much harder than usual. If they leave the US, they'll bulk up their heart and fury in the fight, making them more resistant to Leftist subversion and take overs, even by the white boy club in Waco. Texas' CPS selling children to child rapists and other Demoncrats, is a more serious long term problem. Can't have fighters and warriors when the kids are under the power of the Left.