Ought Implies Can

What do you mean, one ought not to be a corrupt official?
“It’s impossible, absolutely impossible,” argued defense lawyer Steven Molo, “for a member of the Assembly to . . . do the job that a person in the Assembly does and not have some sort of conflict of interest.

“That may make you uncomfortable,” he added, “but that is the system New York has chosen, and it is not a crime.”
The Post is not impressed with the defense. Well, actually, they are -- they're impressed with the gall it takes to forward it as a defense.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Meh. Defense lawyers get paid to come up with something. If they don't have any good arguments, they can't just say "Your Honor, we have no arguments." They have to drop back on whatever cockamamie thing they can dream up.

Grim said...

You can't throw yourself on the mercy of the court anymore? It might work better. :)

Texan99 said...

"Yer Honor, I got nuthin."

Ymar Sakar said...

Just claim the opposing counsel gave insult and offense, then duel them to death.