You May Find This Triggering

Project Veritas strikes again.


Anonymous said...

This happened in a country that allows the crazy parents of teenagers to set their kids on a course of action that will result in surgical maiming of their children. And in high school, the other children are drawn into this circus, because they have to put up with having surgical candidates of the opposite sex in the locker rooms and showers at schools.

Meanwhile, the original institution that pioneered sext-reassignmnet surgery has stopped it, because they concluded that the patients weren't helped.

Indeed, Johns Hopkins University, which pioneered gender reassignment surgery, dropped the treatment as ineffective.

Experience has shown that indulging this delusion is not in the patient’s best interest.

Indulging delusions is not smart, but our schools are very far gone toward a tyranny of the infirm.


Ymar Sakar said...

O'Keefe really really needs a body guard. I would hate to lose such a strategic asset.