President Obama: You Know, We Could Use More Criminals In Government

I mean, I would have thought there to be no shortage.
Well, you know how on job applications, there's sometimes a little box that asks whether or not you've been convicted of a crime? With the wave of a pen, Obama just ordered that box to be removed from applications for jobs within the federal government, saying, "We can't dismiss people out of hand simply because of a mistake they made in the past."
You really can't make this stuff up.

"Simply because of a mistake" is fair enough, as applied to certain offenses. One might have said, "We shall no longer discriminate against certain kinds of offenses for certain kinds of positions." You could do a double-blind sort of thing with Federal hiring -- they employ enough people to do it -- whereby the first would filter to ensure that the crimes were of the right type to be ignored, and forward the listings stripped of criminal history to the actual hiring committee.

But, no. Instead, we won't consider criminal history... in hiring for government jobs, which come with government power... and somehow this makes sense? Somehow this is a good idea we should all get behind?


Tom said...

They take care of their own, ya know.

Ymar Sakar said...

Quite so. In 2012, I estimate the Left had 10 million fake votes in the form of criminals, dead people, and migrants. The sanctuary cities count their migrant population as citizens in the census, thus they get more votes and funding as well, just like the Southern Democrat plantations did with fifths of a slave property, it gave the white owners more leverage and votes.

"Only an economic policy", heh as if.