Gun Control Test Vote: VA Senate

Strike one.

You think they'll figure this out before it's too late?

Related news: gun sales back at record highs, six months running.


raven said...

Sometimes I wonder if Jung was right about the collective unconscious-are people picking up on some collective fear about the future, gun sales at all time highs, every other movie about zombies and cataclysms , prepping going mainstream,etc? I wonder what the mood was in 1938, or 1913, was there a feeling in the wind? Did folks go around with a growing sense of unease? We hear all about the politicians and the generals and the big decisions, but what about the average folk?

Ymar Sakar said...

Humanity will never learn. They always think that their education and their society will save them.

They do not truly see what is going on, they do not allow themselves to see the truth. There's always a rationalization, an excuse, the weaklings use to justify going with the status quo.