The Sorrow of Schadenfreude

I can't enjoy it, because the situation is tragic. Still, I can recognize that I ought to feel it. From progressive site anongalactic:
While America was distracted by a the Confederate flag debacle, the U.S. Congress forfeited the entire economic future of the country by quietly passing so-called “fast-track authority” which will allow President Obama to approve the TPP “free trade” agreement.

The TPP, as you may have heard, outright surrenders U.S. sovereignty to multinational corporations, handing them total global monopolies over labor practices, immigration, Big Pharma drug pricing, GMO food labeling, criminalization of garden seeds and much more. In all, the TPP hands over control of 80% of the U.S. economy to global monopolists, and the TPP is set up to enable those corporations to engage in virtually unlimited toxic chemical pollution, medical monopolization, the gutting of labor safety laws and much more.

Plus, did I mention the TPP will displace millions of American works as corporations outsource jobs to foreign workers? While corporations rake in the profits from new global powers, everyday American workers will lose their livelihoods and their jobs (not to mention their pensions)....

While was frantically deleting Confederate flag products from its website and everybody was going bat-crap insane over the 1970’s comedy TV series Dukes of Hazzard and its use of the so-called Confederate flag on a hot rod car, Republicans and the President were busy committing outright treason at the highest levels: surrendering American sovereignty and economically enslaving all of America’s future children.

And that’s the tragic irony of all this: While the political left falsely believed it was denouncing slavery by pressuring every online retailer and government entity to ban the Confederate flag, the U.S. Congress was busy enacting a whole new level of total economic enslavement for everyone, regardless of their skin color.
There's that "treason" word again. It could possibly be deserved, this time, depending on how bad the treaty really is. Since it's still secret, we can't be sure.


Daniel said...

Fast Track authority has been the law for 24 years... so many of these pundits forget that. What really bothers me is that for "the most transparent government, ever"... we still don't know what's in the TPP.

Grim said...

Fast track authority is not the problem (although I reject the idea that we should allow treaties, which Constitutionally need a two-thirds vote, to be approved on a simple majority vote as the FTA allows). It's the secrecy that's damning. No secret treaties, and especially not to surrender American sovereignty in any degree to foreign courts. If that is ever to be done at all, it must be debated in the clear.

raven said...

Grim said
"If that is ever to be done at all, it must be debated in the clear."
And if it is not? What then?

Grim said...

Then, depending on how bad the deal is, we may need a rebel flag after all.

Larry said...

Our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.