This Is Going To Be A Problem For My Hoped-For Jim Webb Candidacy

Bernie Sanders overtaking Hillary in the Democratic primary's momentum. It's true that all my left-leaning friends are huge fans of Bernie. I've yet to find anyone else willing to consider voting for Webb: Democrats want someone farther to the left of Hillary, and Republicans want a full-time Republican.

Well, I've never picked a winner yet: why break the streak?


Russ said...

It is hard to pick a winner when you use logic to make your selection.

Eric Blair said...

It's easy. ABC.

But that said, Webb would actually have to start campaigning, and so far, he has not done that.

Look for de Blasio to throw his hat in the ring by the end of the summer.

MikeD said...

I can honestly say I truly hope Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic primary. Because he is an honest and open Socialist. And while that plays extremely well with the Democratic base, the rank and file American is pretty much horrified by that. I would much rather the run a candidate who is open and honest with what they believe than a lying, duplicitous socialist like Hillary.