The Decline of an American Sport

Headlines from my father's favorite sport:

19 January 2014: NASCAR is turning off fans both old and new.

26 August 2014: As popularity, and seating, wane, NASCAR explores capacity to change

25 February 2015: What has happened to the once high-flying sport of NASCAR?

25 April 2015: Even as attendance and TV ratings drag, NASCAR still has lots of dedicated fans.

So, what you need is a way to get that dedicated hard-core of fans more committed to turning out and tuning in. That should be easy! Remember your roots! How'd stock car racing get started?

That's right: it's that old moonshiner, bootlegger spirit, fast cars racing through the hills on old dirt roads. The law might not like 'em, but they were fast and they were bold and mostly they were just looking out for their family and friends. This is a formula of proven success. Why, I think there was a wildly popular television show once on this subject. Maybe even a movie or two.

Shouldn't be hard to fix, right?

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raven said...

Oh great. Kim du Toit's article, "The Pussification of America" comes to mind. he was and is spot on.