American Comebacks

I'm not normally a fan of Buzzfeed's clickbait, but I'll make this exception for Freedom Day.


Texan99 said...

"I'm sorry," but I loved those.

Tom said...


Anonymous said...

It gets better. All that click bait originates with Reddit, which is where a lot of kiddies (teens to young adults) and techies get their news and tell their jokes. This and the "AMAgeddon" this week over the firing of a well-liked moderator (a mild form of censor), let me know the kids are alright.

They have been egregiously indoctrinated in our school system. From time to time I have been astounded by the received "wisdom" from the schools (It sure as hell did not come from the home or church!). However, I have also seen that those who seek to undermine the power of authority in the minds of our children are only given provisional authority; a few lies, an injustice or two, and the kiddies notice that they have been played.

The simple truth is that our kids are being taught to question authority by being forced to attend schools where authority is poorly handled. All that stuff intended to undermine parental authority has been undermined because the principals and counselors are a bunch of martinets, while the ROTC leaders actually teach leadership and impatience with stupidity.


Grim said...

I hope that's right. Chesterton spoke of Mark of Italy, one of his four 'captains' showing different traditionally British modes of faith:

But Mark was come of the glittering towns
Where hot white details show,
Where men can number and expound,
And his faith grew in a hard ground
Of doubt and reason and falsehood found,
Where no faith else could grow.

Belief that grew of all beliefs
One moment back was blown
And belief that stood on unbelief
Stood up iron and alone.

The Wessex crescent backwards
Crushed, as with bloody spear
Went Elf roaring and routing,
And Mark against Elf yet shouting,
Shocked, in his mid-career.

Right on the Roman shield and sword
Did spear of the Rhine maids run;
But the shield shifted never,
The sword rang down to sever,
The great Rhine sang for ever,
And the songs of Elf were done.