View from the Celebration

The early rain finally broke, though it held off long enough for a good lesson in building a campfire with wet wood. Once that fire was lit it was used to start the charcoal. Andouille and firecracker brats have been cooked and eaten, basted with Yuengling lager (America's oldest brewery). Other American beers have also been drunk. Fireworks have been laid in. A cigar given me by Mr. Wolf has been assigned for fuse-lighting duty later in the evening.

Hope it looks good where you are, too.

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douglas said...

Boy marched in the local parade with his Scout Troop, kids jumped in the above ground pool right under the flag pole- what a picture- and now the foods coming off the grill- Given how I've been feeling about the country lately, today is raising my spirits and reinvigorating me.
Have a good Independence day folks! (Sure sounds like Grim will!)