The adults step in

In a really satisfying courtroom/scandal thriller, after our heroes struggle seemingly in vain against the shadowy forces of conspiracy, Wilford Brimley shows up in the last scene to drag everyone into a conference room, dress them down, and announce how this stinking corruption is going to be shut down once and for all.  Sadly, it doesn't happen that often in real life, but it sure seems to have happened recently in California, where corrupt DOJ officials got caught extorting $55 million out of Sierra Pacific on trumped-up charges that it started a 2007 wildfire.  The grown-ups in the federal judiciary, instead of closing ranks, stepped up and did their jobs.  The Chief Judge for the Eastern District of California took the unheard-of step of recusing all Eastern District judges from the case and asking his bosses in the Ninth Circuit to appoint a new judge from outside his district.

I admit this is not a case I've been following closely, so I won't claim to have sifted the evidence or to possess any inside information supporting Sierra Pacific's claims.  It would be fair to suspect me of being quick to believe accusations of corruption against Eric Holder's agency.  The fact remains that the California federal district judges are not known for their hostility to the DOJ, so if the Chief Judge for the Eastern District  smells a rat, and is enthusiastically backed up by the Chief Judge of the Ninth Circuit, I imagine there's real fire underneath all that smoke.


Ymar Sakar said...

Have they stopped the Californian Democrat gun running ring that makes money by confiscating and banning US weapons, in order to sell more overseas?

Or are people so blind they thought it was just one Democrat doing it that got caught?

Ymar Sakar said...

Grim talked about how people shouldn't be in Ymar's World, a reference to my doomsday like prophetic declarations in 2009 and after.

Well, a lot of people are being welcomed to my world, as you can see there.

Whether people like it or not, Fate and Divine Punishment knows no borders nor class limitations. Nor does Death.

Nicholas Darkwater said...

Your early reference to Wilford Brimley is from the movie Absence of Malice, which centers around how the press can distort a news story, or even make one up, to further political ends. The innocent victim of the plot, played by Paul Newman, turns the tables on the newspaper, FBI, and other players in a complicated scheme. Wilford, in perhaps his breakthough role as a US Asst Attorney General, sweeps in as a Deus ex machina to unravel the mess. As it dawns on him (and the assembled players he has brought together) how Newman outwitted them, he asks Newman if he is really that smart to have pulled this off. Newman's reply is along the lines of "We're all smart. That's why we're here."

Highly recommended.

Texan99 said...

Yes! I was drawing a blank, but that's exactly the scene I was remembering.