2LT Grigsby, 10th Indiana Cav.

A man after Ymar's very heart.


Gringo said...

I came across a picture of that grave some years ago. I can imagine some of the Unionist Civil War veterans from one side of my family having similar sentiments. The Confederate side of my family would have begged to differ.

Ymar Sakar said...

Too bad he didn't bequeath a sword in the stone. Sarah Palin might have pulled it out by now.

If he had written down the exact reasons for Democrat power and corruption, it would also have been slightly different. But people should figure that out for themselves.

The number of the Devil I type here belongs to Him, the Six Six Six. But that was actually the wrong number. It was more like 1860, where America started getting into problems. The benefit of divine protection requires divine virtue or a sacrifice equal to it, to maintain that shield.

God will no longer protect drunks and Americans, in equal measure.