Smart, Smart Diplomacy

Secretary of State John Kerry:
We've said from day one that if North Korea wants to rejoin the community of nations, it knows how to do it. It can come to the talks prepared to discuss denuclearization. And the United States is fully prepared -- if they do that and begin that process, we are prepared to begin the process of reducing the need for American force and presence in the region because the threat itself would then be reduced.
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, a few hours later:
We the United States do not intend to change our policy on deployment of our forces in the Republic of Korea. In fact, I think it's just the opposite. We continue to strengthen and advance that policy we've had for over 60 years. We are upgrading it, adjusting on deployments, on rotational deployments. We think there is more stability, more security, more continuity in those deployments.

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Ymar Sakar said...

Pacific war soon to come. Who will profit? Only Democrat war profiteers and military industrial complex consultants from the Democrats know.