The Beggar's Opera - in Italian!

And a very good production, too (outside of Mrs. Peachum).


Grim said...

My Italian is a bit sketchy.

Joseph W. said...

Mine is nonexistent - the closest I have is a few terms of endearment in Portuguese. But I know the songs well in English. That was part of the interest for me...I've listened to many operas in languages I don't speak with a libretto, and I wanted to see what the experience was like when I knew the originals by heart. The short answer was, "delightful."

They didn't just sing it in Italian, either; in a way they made it Italian.
I especially like their take on "Liliburlero" (1:38:15) and the scene with Mrs. Trapes (1:42:15) (all the characters in both scenes are crooks of one kind or another).

(It's a kind of multiculturalism I can get this Greek rendering of one of my favorite Scottish songs.)

My favorite English Beggar's Opera isn't available in full on's got Roger Daltry, of all people, as Macheath (an extract is here).

Joseph W. said...

(another extract here - featuring all the female characters named in the last verse of "Mack the Knife")

Grim said...

By "sketchy," I mean I can tell it from French and Spanish, and recognize the occasional word.

It might be an interesting experience, though I don't know this opera very well I have to admit. It's one of those things that's been on my list for a long time, but I've never gotten around to more than reading about it.