More gender charts

This time, on the crucial distinction between "uh" and "um."  As a bonus, a Facebook analysis that shows men are humorless, angry policy wonks while women are ditzy Polyanna shopaholics.

My Facebook verbal analysis would look about like this:


Retriever said...

That was priceless! I think the last time I posted anything on Facebook was a tribute to my old boss, a Catholic nun, whom I dearly loved, as a whole bunch of relatives of hers I hadn't yet met and I tried to coordinate things around the funeral. I DETEST Facebook generally. Seeing those word choices (which I kept hoping were satire) makes me want to go radical feminist. Is it just me, or are women dumbing themselves down horrifically? Some day, there will be a learned thesis written (not by me) on how, at a time of increasing paranoia about mass surveillance, men and women donned stereotype gender roles online and presented false shallow selves so as to seem harmless to Big Brother. In other words, if you act dumb, materialist, and chiefly concerned with sex, booze, home decorating and food, you are no threat to anybody, a good little consumer, and unlikely to draw any negative attention.

Grim said...

Is it just me, or are women dumbing themselves down horrifically?

Don't feel bad. The men who discuss politics on FaceBook rarely do so in a way that covers them in glory. One might more honorably offer honest praise of a cousin's newborn baby, than ill- or un-considered critiques of policy positions you haven't bothered to understand.