How to pick 'em

Suppose you're a young woman in college, trying to follow Salon's advice to pursue that M.R.S. degree. You might gravitate to a young man who "had a high GPA in high school, was his class valedictorian, was on [a sports] team, and was ‘from a good family.’” Or you might find that you'd just profiled a potential rapist, by the standards of Occidental University.
LAPD Detective Michelle Gomez interviewed the parties and witnesses. In a charge evaluation worksheet dated November 5, Deputy District Attorney Alison A.W. Meyers declined to prosecute, writing, “Witnesses were interviewed and agreed that the victim and suspect were both drunk, however, that they were both willing participants exercising bad judgment …. It would be reasonable for [Doe] to conclude based on their communications and [the accuser’s] actions that, even though she was intoxicated, she could still exercise reasonable judgment.” This decision ended police involvement in the case.
Meanwhile, Occidental pursued its own investigation by hiring the firm of Public Interest Investigations, which produced an 82-page report about the incident. Among other evidence, the report examined text messages between Doe and his accuser leading up to the sexual encounter. In the messages, the accuser asked Doe, “do you have a condom,” texted another friend “I’mgoingtohave sex now” [sic], and, in an exchange spanning 24 minutes, coordinated with Doe to sneak out of her dorm and proceed to Doe’s dorm to have sex with him.
Obviously a rape, but then she should have known better than to hang out with a valedictorian.


Grim said...

Clearly she is a helpless victim. What to do about these cases?

William said...

The current military standard is that after one drink a service member is incapable of making a consensual liaison and therefore any sex after a drink is categorized as rape if it is reported by one of the principals. Nobody wins is the endgame with this approach. This is what happens when bureaucrats get to make rule that they don't have to live by. Well, at least in the military, unlike on a college campus, you at least get a "fair" trial before you get hung out to dry...

William sends.

Ymar Sakar said...

In the Navy, the woman graduates and the man reported is crashed out of the school.

Sounds legit.

The Leftist fashion would be to break the system, by engineering incidents that break the manpower resources of the local hierarchy. This way they would then change the system. Since, though, they were the original changers and occupiers of the system, they aren't the ones most desirous of changing it now.