A River Flows in London Town

Poppies, for World War I.


DL Sly said...

That's both breathtaking and heartbreaking.
Absolutely beautiful tribute for the fallen.

Eric Blair said...

I have to disagree. It's basically a post modern "message art" installation.

Even the article title says it:

"888,246 Poppies Pour Like Blood From The Tower Of London To Remember The Fallen Soldiers Of WWI"

DL Sly said...

You disagree that it's a beautiful tribute to the fallen?
That it's breathtaking?
That it's heartbreaking to consider that each poppy represents a fallen soldier?
What, exactly, do you disagree with?

Grim said...

I think I understand Eric's position well enough to articulate it. He objects to the exhibit's romanticizing the war, because it was the romance of war itself that led to the scale of human slaughter in WWI. It was just that which caused the West to throw away a generation of its best, until its ideals were blackened.

That objection makes sense to me. The hard thing is seeing -- as Tolkien did, but few others -- why it was necessary to find a way to clean and restore the blackened thing. The sword that was broken must be reforged.