Cortez on Gutenberg

Some of you expressed an interest in the history of Cortez in the New World once it was finished and came online.


Grim said...

It's beautifully written.

E Hines said...

Cool. Thank you.

Eric Hines

Retriever said...

Fantastic! Now I know what I'm doing every spare minute I am not at work or battling the yellow jackets while doing the summer gardening...Thanks you! (one of my favorite course in college was about "Maritime Exploration and Colonization of the Americas" by Our Evil European Ancestors...aka "Boats") I just briefly visited Spain and was interested to notice that the guides kept proudly pointing to buildings, objects and artwork related to the Americas as amongst Spain's proudest achievements. No PC whining about "we're sorry, most grievously have we sinned..." (my own ancestors are English, Scottish, French and Virginia Red Indians)