Inclusive Language

Poor old Bernie.

The one commenter says that "It's not hard to use trans-inclusive language," but it really is for those of us born before yesterday. What exactly are you supposed to say here? "If you are a woman -- or a man -- who might be giving birth..."? 

This was literally a Monty Python sketch within our lifetimes, kids. They were on your team back when your team recognized physical reality as a relevant factor. This whole thing was a sendup of Christianity, not at all conservative. Bishops came out to protest it. BBC specials were done about whether or not this kind of discourse was acceptable in polite society, and not because it treated women as the only ones who could have babies.


Texan99 said...

I recall this hilarious skit often, and with increasing wonder that you can still find it online.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

It's not hard to use traditional pronouns either.

Anonymous said...

I used it, and the "What have the Romans done for us?" when I taught a upper-grade HS religion class. And "Jesus Christ, Superstar." And "Mississippi Squirrel Revival," which had a kid actually fall out of his seat, he was laughing so hard. (He was/is Pentecostal.)

Aside from the F-bomb, Monty Python worked really well.