Paintings From the Hall

Speaking of paintings, which rarely enter my mind, my wife is having a sale on her fine art paintings. Both her landscapes and her work from life are on sale (and on display, if any of you happen by Asheville, both at the Asheville Gallery of Art and on Woolworth’s Walk). 

The latter includes this fellow, which I’ll be sad if she sells because he currently hangs in my stairwell. A soulful hound is a fine companion. 

She loves to paint portraits of striking dogs and horses, by the way, so if you have one you’d like painted she does sometimes take commissions for such orders. 


Mike Guenther said...

Very nice. Looks like either a Great Dane, or maybe a Bear dog, like a Plott Hound?

Grim said...

It is a Dane. His name is Mac. There’s another sketch of him on her work from life page.

Those Plott hounds are from only a few miles away, as you probably know. They originated in a mountain valley between here and the nearby Cherokee reservation.

Texan99 said...

That is a very fine dog!