Six Days on the Road

All right, so after Aggie mentioned it in the comments on Friday night, I decided to extend this series long enough that we could do this song on the sixth day after "Six Decks to Darwin." 

So here you go: the great trucker classic.

Although in fairness you shouldn't wind up a trucker song series without "Convoy," so here it is too.

And, really, something from the late, great Jerry Reed. 


douglas said...

It's funny that at one time in my youth, I *really* wanted to be a long haul truck driver, yet I've never seen Convoy. Or Smokey and the Bandit. Man, I really need to watch those.

Grim said...

As I've said before, whenever I want to feel nostalgia I just watch Smokey and the Bandit. It perfectly captures the Georgia of my youth -- landscape, architecture, accents, the cars, even the uniforms of the state troopers are all exactly right.

Aggie said...

Thanks Grim! There in the slide show on the song track is the old '55 Peterbuilt 281 "Needlenose" driven by Carey Loftin in Steven Spielberg's very first directing efforts, the movie, "Duel". Loftin was a stunt driver in Bullitt, Vanishing Point, White Line Fever, Christine, and many others - the man could drive anything.

Aggie said...

Now I just looked it up, he drove the truck in Smokey and the Bandit I & II as well!