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Fulton County just fired its election manager

Former President Donald Trump falsely alleged irregularities in Fulton County voting including the counting of ballots after a water line break at State Farm Arena and other unproven claims.

Falsely, you say? So why was the guy fired?

"Issues cited were his handling of the 2020 elections & firing of whistleblowers Bridget Thorne & Suzi Voyles, who testified in Georgia fraud hearings," http://VOTERGA.ORG's Garland Favorito said.

Georgia has competing investigations into election fraud, including one that alleges wrongdoing by newly-minted Senator Warnick (from an earlier election, however). The State Election Board just filed 35 cases for prosecution by local DAs or state officials; Fulton County's Democratically-elected DA is trying to prosecute, you guessed it, Donald Trump.


douglas said...

I'm tentatively hopeful, but of late, my faith in prosecutors and law enforcement has been battered a bit.

Grim said...

Yes, it’s unlikely to bear fruit, especially in the strongholds like Fulton where it needs to most. But better them than the FBI or DOJ.