A Dark Time in America

The calls for gun control were always expected, because disarming the American people has been at or near the top of the to-do list for the left forever. Yet there is no crisis to reference; gun violence is in fact way up, but not gun violence of the type they'd like to ban. Almost all of the spike in gun murders is committed with handguns that are already illegally possessed, and usually stolen. The left wants to ban civilian possession of semiautomatic rifles, among other things, but rifles of all kinds put together are used only in a tiny fraction of gun violence (about two-thirds of which 'violence' is suicide, causing gun control advocates to suddenly become anti-suicide advocates when the left normally embraces euthanasia as it does abortion).

So they're reaching back three years to a school shooting that happened -- the one where the police cowered outside instead of attacking the gunman. 

Yet what a strange thing to do: propose a law to address a problem that has completely ended. There are no school shootings in America anymore, because in-person instruction has largely ended. We've found a 100% effective solution to the problem, and it doesn't involve gun control. All we need to do is shift public education permanently to a virtual model, which the teacher's unions seem to want to do anyway.

So you can solve the problem, please the unions, and not create a massive affront among the citizenry who believes (accurately) that you're violating their most basic Constitutional rights. Win-win-win! Why not do that? 

You know why not. Solving the problem isn't the real issue; the real issue for them is disarming their victims, or at least turning them into criminals against whom state violence can be lawfully used.

Of course you can call your Congressfolk to ask them to oppose all this, but none of them can actually stop any of it. You're already effectively disenfranchised in America at the Federal level. Real resistance will have to be at the state and local level, there are already attempts to organize efforts to block enforcement of unconstitutional Federal laws, refuse to cooperate with the Federal law enforcement agencies (as the left was already refusing to cooperate with ICE), elect sheriffs who refuse to enforce such laws, or even arrest them for violating our constitutional rights. 

These mechanisms explain the push to purge "extremists" from both police agencies and the military. Note that this "there is no room in society for people to hold extremist views" rhetoric extends to all Americans:

“There is zero room, not only in society, but more so in professions of public trust and service, for people to have extremist views, regardless of ideology,” said Art Acevedo, the Houston police chief and president of the Major Cities Chiefs Association[,]

We are staging up for an ugly time, it appears: having 'fortified' the election, the new government has literally fortified the capital, and is now moving on to the part where they pass unconstitutional laws meant to disarm the populace. The suppression of speech is ongoing as well. This is no longer the America that I was born in; it's very rapidly turning into something else. 


David Foster said...

When the police chief asserts that his writ runs to people's *views*...as opposed to only their *actions*....we are getting pretty close to the idea of a police state.

douglas said...

They've given us fair warning, it's true.
We need to keep giving them the same. Missouri also passed a law forbidding law enforcement from enforcing federal gun law. We need more of that. Also, a few SCOTUS rulings to push back on gun grabbing, hopefully.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Gun control is about feelings, not facts. There is the desire to do SOMETHING because they feel helpless. Therefore, just about anything that looks like it does something against some guns or some people who have them looks like a solution. It's a middle-school response.

So keep up your reasoning, but you only have to sell your points to people who are already mostly agreeing. The others will not hear anything. For them, we put up logical arguments only as a demonstration of how it's done, not because it will convince anyone.

douglas said...

That's a great point, AVI. So then one has to ask, what are good *emotional* arguments for guns?

Women and the elderly being able to defend themselves against people they otherwise would have had little chance against would be a good example, I think.


ymarsakar said...

I am still winning grim. Not yet tired of it either. T red can do his vacation at mar a lago white house until my faction calls him back if he is needed.

Mike-SMO said...

A good aruement is "Kyle Rittenhouse". He was isolated from adult friends by the authorities and eventually got knocked to the ground, but still survived after killing two and maiming one of Team Antifa. The Progs are terrified that one teenager could fight off their Team Antifa thugs. You can't easily terrorize victims, or recruit savages to do the deed, if any victim can fight back. Most of the gun violence is with illegally ownwed and usually stolen pistols down in the Democratic strongholds (ghettoes). The Democrats/Progressives have never cared about those "expendables". Now the concern is the conquest of the suburbs and exurbs.

Convincing "normies" that the urban violence is "part of a "plan" is a hard "sell". Emphasizing the inability of Granny, Gramps, Mom with the children to defend themselves against larger or more numerous attackers is the only real option. Old women tend to break when they are knocked over. Mom can barely herd the children on a routine day, let alone when some masked Prog kicks in the door. A pistol or rifle with a big magazine is, after all, just what the market has available. That option will not discriminate between Prog invaders or Ghettokin attackers. Thugs, after politics or "gibbs" want easy, not a firefight.

Explaining that Ashlii Babbit was murdered by one of Nancy's hired assasins is tough. Pictures of victims and burning residences are an easier "sell". Avoid the totally irrational response that President Trump's name evokes in many. Protecting Granny, and the Chilluns, is where it is at.